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Lulalend is now Lula. We have a new name, a new look, but we're still your friends in funding 😃.

Introducing our Lulalend Capital Advance.

Fast access to business funding with transparent costs and easy to understand terms. No surprises. Lula Trusted Brand

Get up to R5 million in business funding, fast.

    Apply for a quick, commitment-free quote now.

    Business funding made simple and fast.

    Fast and easy access to bridging finance enables business owners to overcome challenges and exploit opportunities.

    Our fixed-term capital advance offers speed and simplicity. Once approved you’ll receive your funding and then repay over the agreed term, with fixed costs that won’t change. No early repayment penalties. No surprises.

    What will you pay?

    Use our business funding calculator to work out what your repayments will be over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months - or repay early and save.

    Enter an amount rounded to the nearest R10,000
    Please enter an amount between R10,000 and R5,000,000. The amount should be rounded to R10,000
    R10,000 R5,000,000
    6 months

    First repayment


    Second repayment


    Total repayment

    No additional costs
    Months Capital payment Cost Payment due p/m
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    3 0 0 0
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    5 0 0 0
    6 0 0 0
    7 0 0 0
    8 0 0 0
    9 0 0 0
    10 0 0 0
    11 0 0 0
    12 0 0 0
    Total 0 0 0

    Here’s why you'll love Lulalend’s Capital Advance

    Apply online in minutes. No paperwork needed.

    Transparent costs allow you to plan with certainty.

    Repay early and save. No early repayment penalties.

    We work at the speed of business to get you funded, fast.

    How do you apply for a Lulalend Capital Advance?

    1. Apply online.

      Fill in your info and link your bank account to securely share your read-only transaction data with us, it’s the fastest, easiest way to get funding.

    2. Get a quote.

      Your application is assessed in minutes and we’ll send you a commitment-free quote.

    3. Get funding.

      If you’re happy, accept your quote and we’ll transfer the funds into your chosen bank account.

      Get a quick quote

    Why us?

    Easy application.

    Apply in minutes and get funded, fast. No paperwork, no hidden fees, no branch visits.

    We say ‘yes’ more.

    We use tech to make decisions based on the real-time performance of your business.

    Pay on your terms.

    Repay as soon as you like and save. No early repayment penalties.

    Trusted by SMEs.

    We’re experts in what we do and provide the highest level of security.


    Our Lulalend fixed-term capital advance facility offers speed and simplicity. Once approved you’ll receive your funding and then repay over the agreed term, with fixed costs that won’t change. No early repayment penalties. No surprises.

    We do not charge admin or initiation fees if you would like to settle early, no penalties will be charged and all future costs associated with your advance will be waived.



    Monthly repayment costs are typically between 2%-6% of your advanced amount for the first 1 – 4 months (plan dependent), and then 2% for each of the remaining months. If you choose to settle your advance early, you will not be charged any further monthly costs or any early repayment penalty fees.

    To apply for a re-advance on your fixed-term cash advance, you would need to resubmit your financial information.

    If you choose to repay over 6 months and you meet your repayments, you can apply for a re-advance in less than 4 months. If you choose to repay over 12 months, you will be able to apply for a re-advance in 8 months.

    Trusted by business owners like you.

    Phaedon Gourtsoyannis
    Having easy access to cash is probably one of the most important things, that’s where Lula comes in.
    Willem Haarhof
    The biggest challenge we face is access to cash. What Lula has enabled me to do is take that worry about cash flow away.
    Jerome Roberts
    Lula makes it easier for SMEs to access funding when they need it most.
    Jennifer Classen
    I see Lula as a financial partner, and because I have this partner, I don't need to worry about cashflow.

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