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Understanding the benefits of a revolving capital facility

Benefits of a Revolving Capital Facility

R5m in business funding fast

A revolving capital facility allows a business to borrow money as needed for funding working capital needs and continuing operations. A revolving line is especially helpful during times of revenue fluctuations since bills and unexpected expenses can be paid by drawing from a fund. This can then be used by business owners for a range of purposes, particularly when they need a quick cash flow injection. It’s a form of business finance that works as a cash advance and helps to bridge that gap in your cash flow. With a revolving capital facility, you can cover costs immediately while waiting for an expected cash boost.

5 Ways that a revolving capital facility can help your business

Common Uses of Revolving Capital Facility

  • Helpful for quick access to cash for a down payment.
  • Purchasing new equipment that is priced above the amount of cash on hand available to a business
  • Covering essential operational costs (such as salaries) during temporary dips in cash flow
  • If you’re a seasonal business, it can help sustain cash flow during low season
  • staff development and training
  • Stock and inventory
  • Scaling a business

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Apply for Bridging Finance with Lula

Lula has solutions that offer your business a cash flow boost when you need access to funds sooner rather than later. We offer Revolving Capital Solutions that are unsecured, and easily accessible, fast. We also offer the option to settle early without having to worry about penalty fees. Get in touch to find out how we can help you – Yes, with real humans who care.

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