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Top business hashtags you should follow

Top business hashtags you should follow

Once better known as the pound sign or being synonymous with a game of tic tac toe, the hashtag has caused a buzz in the online world. The power and status of the mighty hashtag in recent times cannot be denied. Twitter and Instagram, in particular, have become the popular place to use, or abuse, hashtags and garner attention for them. But for the small business owner hashtags can be a great way to search for information on relevant topics and business news. Gathering information that can help you learn more about business practices is a good way to gain experience and learn from others.

Finding the right hashtags can be tricky so we’ve made a list of the ones worth following or adding to your lists and scroll through on a daily basis.

Hashtags to follow:


#Smallbusiness #smallbiz

These two might seem like an obvious choice, but the simplest place is sometimes the best place to start. You won’t go wrong by following these hashtags, they offer useful links to all kinds of resources for small businesses. The hashtag also includes things like SEO tips for small businesses, tools, and apps SMEs can take advantage of, and some motivational quotes to keep you fired up.


Similar to the hashtags mentioned above, this one gives an all-inclusive view of what it really means to be in business. Though this tackles topics for all business sizes, from enterprise to a one-man show, you’ll still find relevant tips from how to create a responsive business website to more general topics on how to grow your business.


 Like-minded individuals will understand what you are experiencing as a business owner because they are experiencing it themselves. This hashtag includes content from a community with common interests and concerns around how to turn their business into a successful company.


We all need a push now and then to get our business off the ground. With links to helpful articles this hashtag also offers bite-size information on the best business practices, decision making and more.


If you have a small business then it only makes sense to stay in touch with what other small businesses are doing. These hashtags can help you do exactly that. Useful titbits like “Things you may not know about accepting card payment” will get you well on your way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the business world.


An important part of any business is to bring in new customers, whether you’re product or service focused. If you’re looking for tips on how to attract new customer or retain existing ones, this hashtag highlights sales advice to fine-tune your sales cycle, use content to drive sales or strategies to help convert customers.


This is a hashtag dedicated to people seeking to strike out on their own. It addresses everything from the habits of successful entrepreneurs, what to do with failure, and how to make strategic business decisions. With useful articles like “The 3 Rules of Successful Business as Taught by Seth Godin (and Your Mother)” by Inc, you will get helpful advice to guide you in your entrepreneurial journey.


At some point in your business journey you are going to wind up managing people. This hashtag rounds up tweets on best management practices, advice, and resources.  Sound management skills are precisely what you need to build a lasting and successful relationship with employees and a strong business. This is a good place to brush up on your management skills and learn more about what makes a good manager.

Hashtags have become such a game changer in the digital arena. As a business owner, you need to both use these hashtags in your Twitter campaigns and follow them for some much-needed business advice. It’s always good to know what other entrepreneurs out there are doing to make their business a success, and it gives you an upper hand because you can also get a crash course in ‘what not to do’ as an entrepreneur.

While these hashtags are useful and can help you make better business decisions, sometimes what a business needs is easy access to funding for cash flow or working capital, marketing campaigns, renovations, inventory purchases or a host of other needs. Lulalend can help you access this funding quickly and easily. We provide SMEs with the funds they need to assist their business and the application process is done entirely online in a matter of minutes. With hundreds of businesses using us as the alternative lender, maybe it’s time you checked us out.

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