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Lulalend is now Lula. We have a new name, a new look, but we're still your friends in funding 😃.

What’s at the heart of Fintech company Lula

What’s at the heart of Fintech company Lula

At Lulalend we’re passionate about serving small business. It’s what our technology is built for as we strive to provide customers with fast, easy access to funding. We provide a solution that welcomes them into financial inclusion. This forms part of our core values and plays a significant role in the way we serve our customers and shape our product offerings.

Trevor Gosling, Co-founder and CEO of Lulalend, along with Neil Welmann, Co-founder and CTO, have built the company on this principle and a couple of core values. To understand who Lulalend is, what we do, why we do it and what’s important to us we wanted to share these company values with you below.

At Lulalend we:

Are passionate about helping SMEs succeed. We hold to the promise of making financial credit easily available to SMEs in South Africa. We are convinced of the positive impact financial inclusion can have on our economy and aim to be the solution to a great need. We do this by providing small businesses with the opportunity to grow and progress through financial access.

Believe in responsible lending. While we want businesses to receive funding so that they can flourish, we do not compromise when it comes to responsible lending. We aim to solve the problem of access and aid success not hinder it.

Strive to offer an unbeatable customer experience. We offer a full range of support services both online and offline. We give our customers the chance to do things themselves through our user-friendly, online application process but aren’t afraid to get stuck in and lend a hand through our live, responsive offline support channels.

Work hard and play hard. We’re gung-ho about employees who are passionate about solving for the customer. We celebrate our success and that of our customers, admire passion, invite innovative thinking, respect hard-work, encourage initiative and expect everyone to take responsibility. We also like banter and beer and know how to kick back after a good day of business. We strive to leave each work day feeling good about what we’ve achieved and excited to come back the next day and do it all over again.

Value humility and teachability. We favour humility and confidence over swagger, and don’t pretend to know it all. We’re not afraid to fail in order to achieve. We are willing to learn from each other and practice shared knowledge and collaboration. When we don’t know, we ask. When we’re not sure, we go and find the answer.

Embrace technology. We want to make things quicker and easier and acknowledge that technology is a tool to help us achieve this.

Communicate openly. We cultivate open channels of communication and transparency.

Prefer good judgement over red tape. We don’t have a lot of policies or strict, rigid processes. But we’re serious about integrity and doing the right thing. We trust our employees and believe that if they are making decisions that favour our customers, the company and the team over their own interest, they are keeping in step with our core beliefs.


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