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Lulalend is now Lula. We have a new name, a new look, but we're still your friends in funding ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

Competition Closed: Apply for business funding today and stand a chance to win.

Lula business funding

Is your small business in need of business funding?

The festive season is a time of celebration and increased spending. It’s particularly significant for businesses across industries as they experience a surge in demand. While this presents an excellent opportunity for growth and expansion, it can also pose challenges when managing cash flow, especially for those in the construction, manufacturing, and retail sectors right now.


Opportunity favours the fast

When there are acorns to gather and dreams to chase, time is of the essence.

During the festive season, a surge in demand for your products or services means you’ve been stocking up like a squirrel. Catering to the anticipated demand to meet customer needs means having enough stock and materials. Acquiring these resources can be challenging with stock delays and limitations, but also financially crippling, especially for small and medium-sized businesses trying to make ends meet to year-end and their cash flow.

Small businesses often need to take risks, sometimes out of necessity. Having fast access to funding can help them overcome this hurdle. It provides a buffer that many owners need to hire employees, stock up on inventory, and manage their cash flow, especially at this time of year. A buffer like this also creates an essential safeguard, enabling businesses to meet customer demands confidently. For some industries, it can provide the opportunity to take advantage of competitive marketing opportunities during a busy yet potentially rewarding time.

Financial preparation lays the groundwork for a sales boost today and presents the opportunity to chase your dreams into 2024 with your arsenal in hand.

You can either hobble through to year-end wishing you had prepared your business for the highs and lows it presents, or you can set the wheels in motion for a productive season and a reassured quiet time when it’s all over. And if you are finding yourself on that ‘’ branch, the only way to a guaranteed win will be with immediate access to funds to solve your cash flow problems.


Tired of roadblocks?


Hire up

As the year-end approaches, demand will increase, eventually leading to a heavier workload. Consequently, you will most likely need to hire more people to meet the demand, which can be pretty costly in terms of both time and money. However, the idea that many hands make light work is a philosophy that holds, just like business funding, which can help to ease the pressure associated with recruiting, training, and staffing to meet the surge in demand.


Reach new customers

Marketing should be an ‘F’ word. At this time of year, the competition is through the roof, and if you are in retail, why spend on stock if you can’t tell your customers about it? If you choose to apply for funding in retail, you should ultimately add a marketing amount to your pot and maybe even a professional marketing service to get you places fast. If you are going at it to win, you might as well win going at it right.


Lula win R50,000 competition

Speaking of wins!

This November, you can win R50,000 in cash for your small business.

If you run a small business in South Africa and need a festive season boost, let’s get you started.

Lula provides funding specifically to SMEs, tailored to your SME-specific needs. With our help, you can find the perfect funding solution to help your business thrive during this busy time of year.

Apply for business funding and stand a chance to WIN R50,000 every week until the end of November 2023, when the competition ends.

Plus, if you open a Lula Bank Account, you could also WIN a share of R350,000 in advertising for your business.


To Enter:

  • Visit during November, Apply for funding and use our promo code ‘WIN’ to enter.
  • Double your chances by opening a Lula bank account, and you could also win an advertising package to reach tons of new customers.
Enter now



Less hassle. More Hussle with lula

Apply now!

Applying for small business funding is Fast and easy with Lula.

  • Visit our website
  • Fill out a short online application
  • We will review it and get back to you FAST
  • And if approved, you will have your funds in about 24 hours!

How great is that!

Take advantage of the chance to secure the funding you need to succeed during the festive season and make cash flow.


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