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Lulalend is now Lula. We have a new name, a new look, but we're still your friends in funding 😃.


Everything you need to know about Lula's innovative cash flow management solutions, banking options, SME funding and more.

Our business funding application takes place online. Click Here, then simply follow the steps and fill in the information required. You will also need to supply some recent financial information.

Our Online Application takes less than 8 minutes to complete.  We’ve timed it at 5 mins. on average.

Provided we have all the necessary information, the assessment and allocation of funds can take place within 24 hours. To speed up the approval process, we recommend Linking Your Online Business Bank Account, which allows us to see your bank transactions in read-only format.

Our Funding Repayment period is over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.  To calculate how much funding you need, over one of these repayment terms, try out our Business Funding Calculator.

The Lulalend Business funding options ranges from R10,000 to R5 million, which can be applied through Various Funding Facilities, depending on your business needs.

Lula’s Process Is Much Faster and takes place completely online. We require no paperwork. Our costs are transparent and agreed upon upfront. We do not charge admin or initiation fees and there are no penalties for settling early.

Lula’s monthly repayment costs are typically between 2%-6% of your advanced amount for the first 1 – 4 months (plan dependent), and then 2% for each of the remaining months. If you choose to settle your advance early, you will not be charged any further monthly costs or any early repayment penalty fees. Try out our Business Funding Calculator Here. It’ll show you what your repayments will be over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Lula Offers Business Funding and Trade Capital via our Lula Business Funding Facilities to registered South African companies, close corporations, and sole proprietors who are VAT registered.

To receive funding from Lula your business will need to have been trading for at least one year, and have an annual turnover of approximately R500,000. 

At Lula we offer a Free Business Bank Account tailor made to help early stage SMEs and Start-ups build up a healthy financial track record, so that after a period of time they will successfully be able to apply for funding. 

Lula is a member of the South African SME Finance Association (SASFA) and registered as a credit provider with the NCR, despite our products not constituting credit agreements under the NCA.

You will receive an email notification that the debit order was unsuccessful and will subsequently be contacted by our collections department. A late payment fee will be charged. If no action is taken to settle the outstanding amount, we will then proceed with legal action.

In terms of lenders, Lula Is One Of The Most Trusted For Business Funding. We offer competitive rates, flexible repayment plans, and fast application processing times.

A Revolving Capital Facility is a line of capital you can tap into when you need business funding. When you have a Revolving Capital Facility, you can withdraw capital whenever you need it without having to reapply (subject to an ongoing credit and affordability assessment).

Capital facilities let SMEs – that’s you – access capital up to an agreed limit whenever they want, without having to reapply each time. The lender – that’s us – agrees to make a line of capital available to you. All you need to do is repay the credit over the agreed term. 

Lula is a responsible lender, so your ability to withdraw from your capital facility is always subject to a credit and affordability assessment. 

Revolving Capital Facilities have no designated end date, so you can use them as long as they stay open and are in good standing.

Our Revolving Capital Facility  is a funding facility that continuously revolves. With Lula, depending on Affordability, you can apply for funding of up to R5 million.

Our Lulalend Capital Advance offers speed and simplicity. Once approved you’ll receive your funding and then repay over the agreed term, with fixed costs that won’t change. No early repayment penalties. No surprises.

Our Lulalend Capital Advance is easy to work with and it all starts with an easy online application that takes  minutes. No paperwork needed.

Transparent costs allow you to plan your business with certainty.

You can repay early to save and there are no early repayment penalties, so you can settle up without a worry.

Access to your funds is fast, because we understand that you mean business (as in today).

Apply for a Lulalend Capital Advance online by filling in your info and linking your bank account to securely share your read-only transaction data with us, it’s the fastest, easiest way to get funding.

Get A Quote – Your application is assessed in minutes and we’ll send you a commitment-free quote.

Get Funding – If you’re happy, accept your quote and we’ll transfer the funds into your chosen Business Bank Account.

Your credit score helps lenders see how likely you are to repay your debts. The higher your credit score, the lower your risk for defaulting on payments and the easier it is to get funding.

When it comes to assessing your eligibility for business funding, we use the real-time performance of your business in combination with your personal and business credit score, to make our decision.

So yeah, while a high credit score helps, we believe it’s a small part of the bigger picture, which is why we’re able to say “yes” more than traditional lenders!

You need a successful trading history of at least one year, as well as a turnover of at least R500,000 per year to Qualify For Lulalend Business Funding.

No, we’re not a bank. We’re Lula. We build innovative fintech products to help SMEs succeed. We’ve Partnered With Access Bank, our sponsor bank, to bring you a business banking account.

We know it takes a lot of trust when it comes to your hard-earned cash. If you’re ever unsure about anything, open a chat and Let’s Talk, Human To Human.

Our website uses the highest level of encryption. Our business accounts are Powered By Access Bank and we comply with all relevant banking regulations.

We’re also PCI Compliant and manage your bank card data following strict data security standards.

Opening a business bank account is easy at Lula. 

Here’s everything you’ll need, depending on the business you are registered as:

To verify your identity:
Your ID book/card or passport with a valid permit or visa for foreign national passport holders.
To verify your personal address:
Share your lease agreement – not older than 1 year or any statement not older than 3 months.
To verify your business address:
Share your lease agreement – not older than 1 year or any statement not older than 3 months.

To verify your business registration:

If you’re a sole proprietor, make sure you have your UTR (unique tax ref) doc. For private companies registered prior to the New Companies Act (1 May 2011), please submit your CM1 or CM22.

If you are registered after the New Companies Act (1 May 2011), please submit your CoR 14.3 (Registration Certificate), CoR 18.3 (Certificate of Conversion), Disclosure Certificate or a CoR 39. 

Lastly, if you operate as a Close Corporation, please submit your CK1 or CK2.

Yes.  A valid permit or visa for foreign national passport holders, but you need to have a local address and proof of it to verify your account.

10 minutes. We’ve timed it.

Opening a Lula Business Bank Account is fast and can be done completely online without having to visit a bank. Your Lula Business Bank Account can be set up as quickly as you can say ‘Lula’ – as long as you have all the correct documents in hand to sign up with.

Lula offers a Free Business Bank Account For Start-Ups and freelancers for R0 per month.

Lula offers two bank accounts for small businesses. 

Lula’s Free Business Bank Account is a pay-as-you-transact banking account that comes with all the bells and whistles to help you work smarter, not harder – perfect for freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. 

For growing and established SMEs, Lula’s Unlimited Account gives you super-fast access to funding. All your EFTs are free and we’ll provide you with the data to make brilliant business decisions. 🙌

Lula is powered by Access Bank Ltd

There are many benefits to your Lula Bank Card. First of all, getting your card is quick and easy. Your Lula Bank Card Gets Delivered To Your Front Door For Free and comes with unlimited free swipes. You can also create virtual cards in minutes and start transacting immediately. You’ll also be able to freeze & unfreeze cards with one click. And, if you lose your card, you can easily order a new one online. 

Our Free account offers one free card, while our Unlimited Business Account offers 5 free cards. Thereafter, all card replacements are R180.

Lula has Zero Fees For The Delivery Of Your First Business Bank Card, zero fees to use your card in South Africa, zero fees to transfer funds between your accounts, and zero fees to send and receive payment notifications. For EFTs, Lula charges R3 per transaction.

For international cards, there is a foreign currency exchange fee. This fee is not for the swipe, but rather for the currency exchange as we always settle in ZAR.

It’s super simple to Open Your Business Bank Account – either a Free Business Account or Unlimited Business Bank Account. Our Online Application process can be completed in only 10 minutes, with no need for time consuming branch visits. 

You will need to provide your basic personal and business details, verify your identity and address, and then supply the relevant business registration documents. (refer to question 3 in this section of our FAQ’s – What documents do I need to open an account?)

Once your account is approved, you can link your other business bank accounts to your Lula Business Account, as well  your accounting software, to get an overview of your business’ entire financial position from your Lulaflow Cash Flow Manager dashboard.

Lula’s Free Business Account is a pay-as-you-transact banking account that comes with all the bells and whistles to help you work smarter, not harder.

Our Business Account is best Suited To Freelancers, Start-Ups, And Entrepreneurs. You will earn 1.5% interest p.a on the balance of your Free Business Account at Lula, get support from real humans who care, and receive a free physical card in addition to being able to set up virtual cards with unlimited free swipes. 

You’ll also gain access to Lulaflow, a powerful Cash Flow Manager that lets you track and manage your finances in one place.

Easy! You can Apply For A Lula Business Card And A Free Business Account in only minutes and completely online. 

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or own a private company, it’s quick and simple to open your account. There are no branch visits. No queues. It’s a simple and fast online process.

You’ll just be asked to Scan your ID document and upload your proof of address and business registration docs to register. (refer to question 3 in this section of our FAQ’s – What documents do I need to open an account?)

Lula’s Unlimited Business Account is best Suited To Growing And More Established Small Businesses and gives you access to funding when you need it fast. All your EFTs are free and we will provide you with the data to make brilliant business decisions.

You’ll have Dedicated Support From Real Humans Who Care and gain access to Lulaflow, a powerful Cash Flow Manager that lets you track and manage your finances in one place. 

The Unlimited Business Account Fee Is R500 Per Month.

Easy! You can Apply For A Lula Unlimited Business Account only minutes and completely online . Whether you’re a sole prop or own a private company, it’s quick and easy to Open Your Account. There are no branch visits. No queues. It’s a simple and fast online process.

You’ll just be asked to Scan your ID document and upload your proof of address + business registration docs to register.

Lula’s Free Business Account has been created to help small businesses get a healthy start in business, so they can track and manage their finances from the get-go. This account is free and aims to help start-ups and smaller sized businesses gain a healthy financial track record so they can apply for funding and grow their businesses with ease. 

Lula’s Unlimited Business Account is for growing and more established businesses and costs R500 per month.  A growing and more established small business understands the importance of managing cash flow and fast access to funding.  This account provides access to capital within 24 hours, dedicated support from real humans and an unlimited amount of free EFTs. 

Both accounts provide access to Lulaflow, a powerful Cash Flow Manager that lets you track and manage your finances in one place, and both accounts give you access to the support you need from Real Humans Who Care about your business.

Lula’s Business Account Pricing has been crafted to keep costs low and standards high. 

Here’s a list of what Lula offers for free across all accounts:

  • First Lula Business Bank Card.
  • Additional bank cards – Virtual (Up to 50 free).
  • Card payments – Local.
  • Incoming SWIFT payments over R5 million. 
  • Bounced payments.
  • Inter-account transfers.
  • Mini statement at ATM.
  • Balance enquiry at ATM.
  • Digital notifications.
  • Beneficiary email notifications.
  • Disputes.

Additional pricing for the Free Business Account includes:

  • Additional bank cards – Plastic (R180)
  • EFT payments (R3)
  • Bulk + scheduled payments (R3 per EFT payments) er 
  • Global card payments – Exchange Fee (3%)
  • Instant payments (R20)
  • Cash at till or ATM – Local (R6 + 2% inline fee)
  • Cash at till or ATM – International (R6 + 3% inline fee)
  • Replacement card (R180)

Lula also offers the following for free on the Unlimited Business Account:

  • Additional bank cards – Plastic (x5 in total).
  • Bulk + scheduled payments.

Additional pricing for the Unlimited Business Account includes:

  • Instant payments (R20).
  • Cash at till or ATM – Local (R5 + 1% inline fee).
  • Cash at till or ATM – International (R5 + 2% inline fee).
  • Replacement card (R180).

We’re here to help when you need it. If you’ve lost or had a card stolen, you will need to block and report your missing card as soon as possible. You can also block your account if you suspect any fraudulent activity.

To report fraudulent activity or report a missing or stolen card, simply send us an email at or give us a call on +27 87 250 0014.

If you suspect card fraud you need to report the suspected card fraud immediately by contacting the authorities (SAPS), double-check all your accounts, and contact the credit bureau. There are 4 main credit bureaus in South Africa: Experian, TransUnion, Compuscan, and XDS.

Lula is an innovative FinTech company with a belief in the power of small business, making a difference, building a better solution, and striving for excellence. We work hard to empower businesses across South Africa with the funds they need to grow.

Lula offers a simpler way to stay on top of your business’ finances. 

From our Instant Access to Funding to all-in-one business banking accounts, from Cutting-Edge Financial Analysis Tools to innovative ways to pay and get paid – all without losing the personal touch you’d expect from an SME. 

Our Business Banking Accounts make it easy for SMEs to stay on top of business finances with our powerful Cash Flow Manager, with access to funding in 24 hours and support from Real Humans Who Care whenever you need them.

Previously known as Lulalend, our Business Funding solutions offer small businesses funding of up to R5 000 000.  Our online application process is fast, easy, convenient, and safe.

Lula is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. That’s why We’re Passionate About Empowering Every SME to Succeed.

Lula, previously known as Lulalend, was founded by Trevor Gosling and Neil Welman in 2014. 

As we’ve grown through the years, we have been lucky to be backed by some of the world’s leading impact investors; Lightrock, German development finance institution DEG, Triodos Investment Management, Women’s World Banking Asset Management, The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Quona Capital.

An alternative to traditional banking, Lula was created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs with the goal of helping every SME to succeed. Our mission is to simplify cash flow management for business owners.

To do this we’ve launched a first of it’s kind business banking platform for SMEs. South African SMEs will now have access to a business bank account tailored to their needs, that offers access to Business Funding in 24 hours and comes with a built in Cash Flow Management Platform. Fast and responsive help, from real humans that care, will always be available. 

Everything we do at Lula is made to be fast, easy, human.

Yes! Lula is registered with the NCR and we’re also a member of the South African SME Finance Association.

Lula’s is a natural choice for all small businesses in South Africa. Our products have been tailor-made with SMEs in mind and our goal has always been to help every SME to succeed.

Lula is SA’s 1st Dedicated Banking Platform for SME’s.  Now that’s worth celebrating 🌟

We’re fully digital and open to all. Any business can open an account online in only minutes. No branch visits. No queues.

You can get even faster, easier access to business Funding within 24 hours.

We’re all about real help from humans who care. We’ll never force you to speak to a robot and our response times are fast.

Your bank account also comes with Lulaflow our powerful cash flow manager that gives you the data to make better financial decisions.

Lula is created By Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs, so we really do understand your needs as a business owner.

Lulaflow gives you the data to Make Better Business Decisions. An AI-driven Cash Flow Management Tool that provides tailored insights on your business income, expenditure, and cash flow forecasts. 

Lulaflow syncs with your other bank accounts and accounting software to give you a real-time view of your cash flow in one place and gives you smart alerts will let you know when your cash flow is forecast to run low. All in all, Lulaflow will help you Plan Your Financial Calendar better.

Lulaflow’s Cash Flow Forecast is based on your historic account behaviour for Payables, Scheduled Payments, Receivables (Invoices Issued), etc. The more data you have over a longer period, the more accurate your forecasts will be.

You can Link Your Business Bank Accounts to Lulaflow, as well as your Xero or Sage accounting profiles.

Yes! Your account security is of utmost importance to us. 

We abide by a strict set of regulations including PCI compliance and have an internal Security Operations team to support and maintain security. We use double encryption technology to protect all communications between us and our industry leading third party suppliers.

Our communication channels are also protected via SSL Certificates. In addition, all data stored by us is encrypted, both in transit and at rest, which means that our backups are also secured. 

Refer to our Privacy Policies here. 

Lulaflow saves you and your business time and helps you analyse and Manage Your Businesses Finances better. It’s A Cash Flow Management Platform that provides tailored insights on your business income, expenditure, and cash flow forecasts.

The platform allows you to sync all your accounts, giving you a 360 view of your entire cash flow. This Powerful Cash Flow Manager helps you effortlessly track and manage your cash flow all in one place with absolute ease and speed.

Trade Capital at Lula is called Lulapay. This means you get paid instantly while your customers get a “Buy Now, Pay Later Facility” that’ll give them up to 6-months to pay.

BNPL stands for Buy Now, Pay Later. Lulapay settles invoices upfront with suppliers while offering flexible repayment terms to buyers. This allows buyers to receive their product or service without having to settle their invoice upfront.

Lulapay is open to a variety of entities. However, there are certain entities that cannot access a Lulapay Facility. These include: 

  • Companies trading for less than 1 year.
  • Turnover is less than R40,000 per month.
  • Non-South African companies.
  • NPOs / PBOs.
  • Government entities.

For a full list of prohibited industries, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Lulapay Facilities range from R10,000 to R5,000,000.

Quick answer: fast. Everything, from completion of the Lulapay application to disbursement, can take place within 24 hours to complete. However, we may require additional information and this may affect the timeline to assess an application.

Luckily the application process is once-off. Once the application and drawdown are approved, payment is done the same day.

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