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Lulalend is now Lula. We have a new name, a new look, but we're still your friends in funding 😃.

Customer Testimonial: Risk X Data Assurance

Customer Testimonial Risk X Data Assurance

With every business funding application we receive, our Funding Specialists (supported by our AI-driven technology) work tirelessly to thoroughly vet, approve and then disburse the required funds in the quickest time possible. We do this so that businesses can take up new opportunities as soon as they arise.

So, if business owners share their experience with us (good and not so good), we take it seriously. When Andrew Dalrymple, Director at Risk X Data Assurance, shared his story with us, we knew we had to share it. His experience marked a true representation of how Lulalend aims to assist SMEs across SA to continue growing and succeeding at every turn.


Why did you first come to Lulalend for funding?

Risk X is an SME offering high-end information security audit, advisory, and assurance services to government and private sector clients across a wide range of business verticals. Favourable market conditions presented us with a variety of growth opportunities but as a young business, we did not have the capital reserves to fund this growth internally. After being turned down by the traditional banking sector, we approached Lulalend who provided the funding we needed to take our business to the next level.


How has Lulalend helped your business thus far?

We have accessed two tranches of funding from Lulalend and consequently have been able to grow our business throughout the Covid pandemic, with the certainty that we will be able to meet our short-term cash flow commitments without having to compromise the quality of our long-term strategic decision making and client relationships. Lulalend may not be a long-term capital solution, but they can be an absolute lifesaver as a short-term cash flow supplement, and certainly were in our case.


Would you recommend Lulalend to other SME business owners?

I would absolutely recommend Lulalend to any SME who has been let down by the formal banking sector and needs working capital to fund growth in their business. They have a transparent model and a highly ethical approach to lending and take a personal interest in the success of your business. Our experience with them has been exceptional.


“Lulalend saw the potential of our business when other lenders did not and supported us with the cash flow we needed to scale up at a critical stage of our company’s growth. Their lending model and willingness to commit to South African SME’s is a critical enabler for many businesses like ours and the economy as a whole. Lulalend has been ethical and upfront in all of their dealings with us and the level of interest and concern for our progress that Lené has shown throughout goes beyond the purely commercial nature of the relationship. I would recommend Lulalend to any SME that needs short-term cash flow support.” – Andrew Dalrymple.


We hope that when your business requires a cash injection, you’ll always think of your friends in funding first.


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