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Lulalend is now Lula. We have a new name, a new look, but we're still your friends in funding 😃.

Partner integration options with Lula

Partner integration options with Lula

Our partnership program

Lulalend’s Partner program is designed to acknowledge those companies who have worked hard to establish a brand, execute their business offerings with the highest standards and bring value to their customers. We offer the Partner program to those who wish to continue to delight their customers by offering Lulalend’s funding products to help them grow their businesses.

We want to provide an extraordinary partner program by being a partner you can trust; a partner that can help bring you further business revenue and a partner that’s committed to providing your customers with fast, easy access to funding. Our success is mutually dependent on all our partners. Our partners are an extension of our business – together we can serve local SMEs with a unique lending experience while you earn a commission.

Our technology

Lulalend has developed a proprietary credit rating algorithm that uses traditional credit rating methods as well as advanced data analysis on company banking and transaction history to provide an accurate decision on a funding application. The decision process is fully automated and is done in real-time (dependent on all required info being available).

Integrating with our platform allows you to offer funding to your customers in a risk-free manner and generate a revenue stream from the commission on successful advancements. Various levels of integration are available, involving various levels of tech investment.

Integrating with Lula

Integration involves a tech investment and your development resource might not always be available. We offer integration requiring various levels of tech involvement so you can choose to get up and running as soon as possible and then move on to deeper integration with your platform over time. Below are our partner tiers for a better understanding of the various levels available.

1. Standard partner level

Your company may have transactional or other data from your customer that you know is valuable. Our standard partner level allows you to put this to good use without sharing any of your customer’s personal information with us. We expose an API which allows you to send us their transactional data so we can use it in our funding analysis. This data is important to us as it offers important insight into the applicant’s business health and increases the chances of a successful funding application.

For this level of integration, you receive a unique apply link and expose this link to your customer base. The application process is performed on our site when a customer clicks through via this link. When we receive the application, we send you a message requesting the transactional data for the applicant. You then call our API to return the transactional data so that we can use this in our analysis. You may choose to offer the unique apply link behind your authorisation (i.e. for users who are logged in to your system) so that you could pass a unique identifier over to us which we would then use for the data request.

The level of tech required:

  • You send us transactional data via our API when requested
  • You expose simple functionality to allow us to request data and push notifications to you on the status and progress of applications (this is optional)
  • The funding application is performed on our end

2. Advanced partner level

This is the deepest level of integration. We expose an API that allows an application to be submitted. This allows the application to be performed entirely on your platform (i.e. using the customer info you already have and with your own branding). You then submit the completed application to us and we take the process forward from there. We notify you of all progress, updates, and decision in real-time.

The level of tech required:

  • Simple implementation by you to allow us to push notifications and status updates
  • Customer application is performed on your end, and you submit the application via our API
  • You send us transactional data via our API when we request through a push notification

“Our partner program is designed to be simple and profitable for our partners and their customers.”



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