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Lulalend is now Lula. We have a new name, a new look, but we're still your friends in funding 😃.

The advantages of equipment financing with Lula

The advantages of equipment financing with Lula

At Lulalend, we feel strongly about helping small businesses grow and achieve success in their industries, like the construction industry. In the time that we have been in business, we have helped hundreds of businesses reach their potential and we can do the same for you through funding.

One of the most effective ways to improve business is to invest in new technology and equipment; this is key when it comes to keeping up with and staying ahead of competition. Unfortunately, purchasing and leasing equipment can turn out to be an expensive undertaking. Not to worry, because Lulalend has got your back. You might be asking yourself, how can equipment financing from Lulalend help me?

1. Accessing funds becomes a breeze

We offer a simple online application process, which makes it easy for you to apply within minutes. Funds are usually transferred within one working day of getting approved. No more standing in bank queues for hours. One key advantage about equipment financing with Lulalend is that you can take on funding over a 6 or 12 month period.

2. Working capital gets preserved

A business has a string of costs. You need to have enough cash flow to keep things going throughout the year. Purchasing inventory is something that must be done on a regular basis and cannot be left to the way side. You may also want to use some cash flow to inject into remodelling your business. With your equipment funding sorted with Lulalend, you can afford to do so because we offer fortnightly installments which makes it easier on the pocket and assists with cash flow in other areas.

3. You can invest in the latest technology

Equipment tends to get old and outdated. But having the latest equipment allows you to manufacture the best products. Equipment financing might be just what you need to take your business to the next level. Don’t stay behind the curve because you don’t have access to funding. Make the smart choice by applying for funds from Lulalend.

How to apply:

You can get up to R500 000 business funding from Lulalend for all your equipment needs.


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