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Lulalend is now Lula. We have a new name, a new look, but we're still your friends in funding 😃.

The Intelligent Way to Master your Cash Flow

Lula All Digital SME business funding and banking solutions - Make Cash Flow

Running a business can be an incredible journey, but also comes with unique challenges. On top of that, as South Africans, we face various uniquely South African concerns, including navigating economic volatility, complying with local regulations, dealing with load-shedding, and ensuring the financial well-being of our businesses – so you can continue to make cash flow. 

While these challenges exist, South Africa also has a vibrant local market offering numerous exciting opportunities. Lula understands the needs of South African small businesses and provides innovative solutions tailored specifically for them. We prioritise maintaining a personal touch while also delivering services that effectively meet the specific needs of businesses and produce results.

Instant Access to Funding

One of the biggest challenges that small businesses have is access to funding. Securing the necessary funding for month-end payments and salaries, rent, lease payments, insurance, professional services, equipment upgrades, software, or marketing are all common challenges SMEs face. 

Lula’s new and improved platform provides access to funding, empowering you to seize business opportunities without the red tape and opening up banking opportunities to enable better management of your funds and cash flow. We offer a range of financing options to meet your business needs, whether it’s working capital, funding for expansion, or investment in new projects. With our streamlined processes, you can expect quick and efficient access to the financing required for your business.

Manage your finances with ease

Let’s face it: managing business finances is a hassle and one that most small business owners loathe every month.  After all, your dream to own a business probably wasn’t to push paper and balance your bank account at the end of the day, but these things are also vital to the success of your business.

So, how do you find the time and strike that perfect balance?  Lula has recently expanded its product range to offer an all-in-one business banking account for small businesses that simplify financial operations. These accounts consolidate banking services, allowing you to handle transactions, deposits, and withdrawals seamlessly. With Lula’s user-friendly platform, you can efficiently manage your day-to-day finances and focus on what truly matters – growing and actually enjoying your business. Our Business Accounts also make it easy to stay on top of your business’s finances with a cash flow manager that gives you even faster access to funding.

Cash Flow Tool

To make well-informed decisions, you need to have a clear understanding of your financial health. We offer a cash flow management tool that provides valuable insights into the performance of your business. This tool uses smart data to help you assess key financial metrics and make informed choices for your company. Lula’s tools offer an overview of your revenue streams, expenses, and profitability. By digging into your financial data, you can uncover valuable insights regarding trends, strengths, and areas for improvement within your business. With data-driven decision-making, you can confidently steer your business towards growth.

Innovative Payment Solutions

Easy, convenient, and digital payment solutions are must-haves in today’s fast-paced world. This ensures that your customers can make transactions quickly and efficiently without hassle. Embracing modern payment methods enhances the overall customer experience and keeps your business competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace. Lula recognises this and provides you with a range of payment options. From convenient payment processing to enabling your customers to pay you seamlessly, you can stay at the forefront of payment technology.

Preserving a Personal Touch

The significance of personalisation in business cannot be overstated. With the emergence of AI and bots, there is a growing appreciation for their efficiency and convenience. However, despite their advantages, it’s crucial to recognise that human assistance still reigns supreme when addressing individual needs and providing a genuine personal touch. Our customer service team genuinely cares about your business. Our team are committed to resolving any issues or problems you may encounter.

Unleash the potential of your business with Lula. With our comprehensive range of services, we offer instant funding access, all-in-one business banking accounts, cash flow management tools, and modern payment solutions. Say goodbye to the frustration of financing woes, bureaucratic hurdles, and outdated systems.

Lula is offering you a future where your business thrives effortlessly and runs like a well-oiled machine, allowing you to enjoy your business.  🙌


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