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How Does Lulapay Work For Suppliers?

How does Lulapay work for suppliers

Lulapay is an innovative Buy Now, Pay Later solution that ensures suppliers get their invoices settled upfront.

This allows you to offer your customers extended payment terms and continue supplying to them, all while getting paid immediately.

But, how does Lulapay work as a supplier?

We’ll answer that question and explore everything you need to know about Lulapay. Including, how to become a Lulapay Partner, different ways to refer your customers, and when you get paid.

This Article Covers the following:

How Does Lulapay Work As A Supplier?

  • How Do I Register As A Lulapay Partner?
  • How Do I Refer My Customers To Lulapay?
  • How Do I Request Payment?
  • When Do I Get Paid?

Let’s get started.

How Does Lulapay Work As A Supplier?

As a supplier, you can offer your customers extended payment terms on invoices up to R5 million, while getting paid upfront.

But how?

The Lulapay process is broken down into 4 easy steps:

  1. Register as a Lulapay Partner.
  2. Invite your customers to open a Lulapay Facility.
  3. Request payment for invoices.
  4. Get paid!

1. How Do I Register As A Lulapay Partner?

Registering as a Lulapay Partner is as simple as filling out a short online registration form.

Simply click here to register.

2. How Do I Refer My Customers To Lulapay?

There are 2 simple methods to refer your business customers to Lulapay:

  • Unique Partner Link: Every Lulapay Partner gets a unique sign-up link. You can attach this to your invoices or post it on your social media.  

When your customers click the link, they get taken straight to the Lulapay online application form.

We only require your customers’ business names and email addresses.

Now that you know how the process works, let’s talk about money.

3. How Do I Request Payment?

To request payment, simply send an email to with a copy of your customer’s invoice.

We’ll then send a payment request to your customers.

4. When Do I Get Paid?

Once your customers accept the payment request, Lulapay will pay you for the invoice within 24 hours.

So, you get paid immediately and your customers gain additional time to settle their Lulapay Facility.

What’s not to like about that?

Lulapay: Get Paid Upfront For Invoices Today

Lulapay ensures your invoices are settled upfront so you can continue supplying to your customers.

Not only that, but Lulapay helps your customers maintain their cash flow so they can continue purchasing and improving our economy.

So, do you have any invoices that need settling?

We’d love to assist! Simply send an email to or sign up here.

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